Add some Sparkle to your party - with glitter tattoos!

Marin - Cleveland glitter tattoos

Create a spark on a hot summer day with a cool alternative to face painting by having a glitter tattoo party. Whether you want shiny stars-n-stripes for your fourth of July barbecue or shimmering designs for your unicorn-themed birthday party, it shall be yours. We have flowers, animals, superheroes, and even your favorite sports team logo.

temporary tattoos for uv glow parties

These glitter tattoo designs are waterproof, making them a better alternative to face painting at your pool party, or on hot days, and as a fantastic, sweat-proof option when you're renting a bounce house. In water or out, they last quite a while - about five days (but can be removed earlier if desired)! Our temporary tattoos are also available in glowing UV neon colors for black light UV glow parties.

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