Professional Face Painters Add Artistic Flair to Your Party

Face painters are all the same, aren’t they?

It may seem like anybody can grab a brush and get to work...but we’re not painting a picket fence. Our face painters have the vision and panache that will transform Timmy into a terrifying T-Rex, Penny into a pretty princess, or Bianca into a bodacious butterfly! The possibilities are limited only by your child’s - or your own - imagination. (Which, by the way, is pretty big!)

So whether you want your party to be “fabulous” or “fierce” - or perhaps a little of both - you can be sure we’ve got you covered!

Throwing a “grown ups-only” party? We can help with that, too!

unicorn face painting parties

Having a Unicorn Party?

Anyone can be a magical unicorn for the day! Ask about our unicorn party packages which include 3D unicorn horns with bling.  We also have monster horns available so no one gets left out of the fun!

And speaking of bling...

unicorn party - face painting - bay area - clevelandBring on the Bling

Beautiful gem clusters are a great way to enhance any design. For an additional fee, we deck your guests out in multicolored, hand-made jewel creations. And let's be honest - what girl doesn't love bling? They can even be reused.

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