Glamour and Fun for All Ages

Why do event planners, companies, and brides call us when they want to throw a party that is unique, yet still “grown up”? Because we have so many ways to help them do it...

Face & Body Painting for Adults in Ohio and Marin

Face/Body Painting for Adults

Did you know that face painting can be elegant as well as fun? It’s true! Custom gems arrays, beautiful facial designs, and festival glitter (the most recent trend in face/body art) can lend a festive and tasteful air to the evening. Planning a masquerade party? We help you set the mood and get your guests into the swing of things. Super Bowl party? We’ll help everyone put on their game face! There’s no end to the types of events we can help you put the finishing touches on.

Balloons Sculptures for Adults & Teens

Adults and teens deserve to have fun just as much as the little ones, and when you give them the opportunity to play, they do! We push the balloon boundaries, even going as far as making wearable and ILLUMINATED balloon pieces that put adults back in touch with their sense of wonder. Weddings, proms, birthdays and holiday parties such as St. Patrick’s Day, Cinco de Mayo and Halloween will never be the same again!

“Baby Bump” Art

Celebrate your pregnancy in a unique way by having one of our artists paint your “bump”. These maternity designs are perfect for a lasting memory - helping you to celebrate the joy of motherhood.

Neon/Black Light/Glow Parties

UV Glow Parties Face Paint and UV Neon Glitter Tattoos

If you’re planning a disco party with UV lighting, we’ve got the perfect compliments for it….neon face/body paint, glowing UV Neon glitter temporary tattoos, and UV reactive balloon art. Imagine how exciting it would be for your guests to become glowing works of art as they dance the night away!
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