Do you think you know everything a juggler can do? Think again.

Mark & Marlo are comedy jugglers who have been featured on television shows such as the Late Show, America's Got Talent, and more. In addition to performing their headline comedy variety show on cruise ships, they have also performed on stages around the world. After seeing Mark & Marlo in action, folks consistently say, “I thought juggling could never be cool...until now!” Comedy in High Definition® is the perfect entertainment for fairs, festivals, banquets, and any other venue that needs a consistently hilarious and amazing act.

If the vision for your event involves an immersive experience, bringing Mark to be your strolling juggler is the way to go. Mark is more than the average atmospheric jugger - he invites your guests to be part of the experience, with an easy and approachable style. Oh, and if you’re interested in a unicyclist or stilt walker, we have those right here.

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